Most online gamblers are already familiar with WinPalace since it is one of the most popular online gaming destinations in the world. They offer over 200 high-quality casino games and boast one of the best graphics packages on the internet; making the player feel like they are actually immersed within the action inside a live traditional casino. Their software not only looks good though, it is also regarded as one of the most secure gaming servers in cyberspace. Another huge plus for WinPalace is their fantastic track record when it comes to superior customer service and player loyalty.

WinPalace Loyalty Program Overview

In an industry full of lame promotional gimmicks that are designed to trick the average gambler into thinking that he’s actually getting something special, WinPalace is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to their VIP loyalty program. Sure, they have the same cash-back and profit sharing offers that many of the other popular online casinos offer, but they also go so far above and beyond the standard promotions that you’ll find elsewhere that there really is little comparison. WinPalace has found that the true secret to player retention rates is making each of their members feel special inside a great gaming environment. Although it seems to sound trivial, they are one of the few online casinos to ever pull it off so brilliantly.

WinPalace Online Loyalty Programs

The basics of WinPalace’s loyalty program are very similar to what you’d find elsewhere on the net; they start new players off with limited benefits and gradually increase the value of each of their loyalty rewards. When serious gamblers come along that wager large amounts of money, they are able to advance in the loyalty program very quickly; faster than at any other gaming site. Casual gamers also benefit from the accelerated program guidelines as well, with the average player reaching an elite level in less than twelve month time. It may sound like a long road to travel, but believe us; once you become an elite member and those free $10,000 checks start showing up in the mail every month, it will be well worth it.

The true benefit of being a VIP at WinPalace is of course their massive cash-back rewards at the elite levels, but this is one online casino that makes it truly enjoyable during the time it takes to ascend to that level. Loyalty reward point members are treated to special promotions and tournaments on almost a daily basis to keep the gambling fresh and exciting; and that’s not even mentioning all the free giveaways that arrive through the mail as well.

WinPalace Loyalty Program Summary

Even though WinPalace’s payout structure for their top level VIP’s is similar to what you’d find on other top websites, it really is the little things that the staff does here to make it a much more enjoyable experience. No other gaming website goes out of their way for their members like the staff does at WinPalace, and it is evident at almost every moment that players are logged into their client. For example, when you walk out to your mailbox expecting to find bills and junk mail but instead get to unwrap a $900 iPad that you didn’t even order, it makes you realize how different WinPalace really is.

The WinPalace loyalty program is also unique because it is perfect for both casual players and high-rollers alike. Even when gamblers are still at the lower reward levels, this website makes sure that they always feel like they’re part of the community and an appreciated member. Very few websites have been able to convey this type of loyalty from their visitors from day one, which is why our staff is always comfortable recommending WinPalace for our readers.