With thousands of players all over the world playing at online casinos and choosing video poker games, it is important for new players to know the most common mistakes. By learning about these, players can identify problem hands and will be able to make the right decisions when they are playing the game for real money. Jacks or Better is the best game for beginner players since it is a simple version of the game that is the base of many other video poker variations. It is important to use proper strategy when playing, and this is where many players falter. The following three mistakes can be avoided to help players have higher chances of being a winner.

The first mistake is in regards to open-ended straight draws. Many players will try to group this hand with a flush draw hand because the chances of winnings are quite similar. However, the open-ended straight draws are no better than holding a low pair because these hands do not hit as often as a flush draw hand.

The next common mistake made is not knowing about the relationship between a flush draw and pairs. Players will hold two types of pairs, either a high or low pair. A high pair will be much better than a four card flush draw, but a low pair will be worse. If players are holding a high pair, they will be better off holding these cards and drawing the other three.

The third mistake that paters make is playing the flush draw hand. If the hand has Ace, Queen, Ten and 8 of spades and a 4 of diamonds, players will immediately think they should discard the diamond. This is a mistake. It is better to play three cards to get a Royal Flush than the four cards to obtain a flush. The reason for this is that even if a Royal Flush is not created, players have a better chance of getting high pairs with the three card hand, so they have an increased opportunity to get a return on the wager.

By knowing these mistakes, players can avoid them and increase their odds at winning. These are the common mistakes that are made with Jacks or Better games and they can lead to many losses instead of multiple small wins.