If you’re on a break from taking advantage of the best online casino offers around, and fancy a night out at the casino, then all power to you. This a great way to spend the night with friends, enjoying your favourite pastime, but in such a pressured gaming environment, you’ve got to have a handle on yourself so you don’t lose your head. Here are our top tips to making sure a night on the casino tiles ends up with you with a smile on your face, whether fortune favours you or not.

Don’t.. go back to the cash machine

The best way to stay in control of your spending on a night at the casino is to set yourself a limit beforehand. If you know in advance how much you want to turn into casino chips, do that, and then don’t go near your bank account again. Chasing a big win you feel must be heading your way has got a lot of people into trouble in the world of gambling, so if you find lady luck’s not siding with you tonight, know when to quit.

Don’t.. bet it all on red or black

There’s an easy way to see your money go further and to get more enjoyment out of your night, and that’s not to be too much of a hero with your bets. If you’re planning on staying out for a few hours, heading straight to the roulette table and putting it all on black is either going to be good start or a catastrophic end to your evening.

Don’t.. go to make money

After all, unless you’re a professional player, going to the casino is all about fun. Don’t go because you want or need to make money, go to have a good time playing your favourite games.